Fruit Tree Spray

Fruit Tree Spray programs are necessary if you plan to eat your fruit. Fruit flies are the worms in cherries, plums and other stone fruit. Codling moths are the worms in apples. Fruit trees need to be sprayed 3 to 5 times per season, depending on the type of fruit tree and the harvest date. The first spray should be done in March or April. This is a dormant oil and fungicide application that controls over-wintering insects and diseases. The second application is in May or June after blossom drop and controls insects & diseases. Flowering crabs should also be sprayed again to prevent fire blight, apple scab & cedar apple rust. The third application is in June or July and controls foliage feeding insects along with fruit flies. The fourth application in July or August controls foliage feeding insects and codling moths. The fifth application in August or September controls late feeding insects and codling moths. Fruit trees should be fertilized every fall for best fruit production.