Spruce, Pine & Evergreen Spray Program

EvergreensEvergreen trees and shrubs are plants that have leaves or needles in all seasons. The most common evergeens in our are pine, fir, spruce and cedar. Most evergreens grow best in acidic soil where many nutrients are less available to plants. Our area varies greatly in Ph soil acidity and fertilizing evergreens can greatly affect their growth and color.

The new shoots of evergreen trees are called “candles” which offer a means to evaluate the health of the tree. Candles show the overall health of the tree. Stress, fertility and vigor show up in the candles first.

Evergreen and deciduous tree Spray Programs are designed to protect trees and shrubs from the most damaging pests. It is important to prevent damage from boring and defoliating insects because it can take years to reshape or re-foliate evergreen trees and shrubs.

One application per season will protect most trees and shrubs, however, mites may need multiple applications, depending on the season.
This spray will control white pine weevil, spruce budworm, cooley spruce gall, pine shoot moth, scale, sawflies, spittle bugs, tussock caterpillars, mites, mountain pine beetle and douglas fir beetles and other problem pests for evergreens.

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