Deer and Rodent Repellent

deerrodentDeer and rodents can be a major problem causing damage on trees, shrubs and lawns. Deer browse on a large variety of plants including deciduous and evergreen plants and also those that may be considered “deer resistant” during heavy snow years.
Voles are the most common rodent causing damage to trees, shrubs and lawns in our area. They damage shrubs and trees by eating the bark and roots. They damage lawns by eating the roots. Voles also tunnel under ground and make runways on the surface of the lawn, under the snow cover.
Deer and rodent repellent should be applied to shrubs and trees in early spring and late fall. For the best results we apply both spray and systemic products. Timing depends on the product and weather.
Rodent repellent for lawns is applied in the late fall.