Mountain Pine Beetle

MtnPineBettlePonderosa and Lodgepole Pines are the most commonly affected trees in our local area.
The beetles attack trees between June and August but infestation time differs with elevation and temperature.
An obvious pitch tube will form on the bark surface of the tree. A large infestation can kill a tree within one season.

Douglass Fir Beetle

This beetle attacks mainly Douglas-Fir, but occasionally will attack Western Larch from June through late summer. Evidence of infestation includes clear resin, or sap streams, running down the sides of the trunk to the ground.
StreamersThe trees that are most at risk are those that have had alterations made to their environment in the previous ten years such as: trees that have had damage to roots, top soil added over the root system, root system drainage change, grass or sod laid over the roots and the most common problem is drought. The infected tree should be injected to kill active larvae. A preventative spray should be applied in the spring and trees should be checked and injected again every year if needed.