Mite’s, Weevils and other infestations


The Spruce Spider Mite

The Spruce Spider Mite is a common pest for evergreen landscape plants. Damage is done in early spring and again in the fall, causing discolored, dirty and unhealthy looking plants.

The damage may not be apparent until the heat of the summer makes it evident.

In 2007 damage was seen on spruce, fir, pine, arborvitae, junipers and many other evergreen trees and shrubs.

White Pine Weevils

White Pine Weevils are the most damaging insects found in spruce trees.

Weevil larvae attack the top leader of the tree causing die back, forming “shepherd’s crook”.

If you have spruce trees, you may want to consider preventative treatment for this pest.

Cooley Spruce Gall

Cooley Spruce Gall causes Retardation and distortion of new growth on spruce trees.

This pest does not kill the tree but causes aesthetic damage that detracts from the tree’s appearance.

Pine Needle Scale

Pine Needle Scale is a serious pest for evergreen landscape plants. Scale infestations cause needle browning, early excessive needle drop and twig and branch dieback.

This results in poor plant health and poor landscape aesthetics. Heavy scale damage may take years for plants and trees to recover.

In 2007 we observed damage to several types of trees and shrubs such as Mugos, Scotch, Ponderosa, Bristle and Austrian Pines.

We have preventative and curative programs for your trees and shrubs.