Image13A house built on wooded property can be worth twenty percent more than the same house built on property without trees. When building or remodeling a house it is important to guard against tree damage during construction.

Construction damage is often difficult to detect and it may take years for a damaged tree to deteriorate. I have seen trees that have taken seven to ten years to die from construction damage. Digging and trenching can cause root damage. Severing one major root can reduce a tree’s root system by up to 20%. Ninety percent of a trees roots that absorb water and minerals are in the upper twelve inches of soil.

Changes in grade, (removing or adding soil or mulch can smother the tree roots), compaction from equipment, installation of sprinklers, and sod installation can damage these roots. Stressed trees are very susceptible to insects and disease. An example would be our drought stressed trees such as birch, aspen, douglas-fir and ponderosa pine, being attacked by boring insects.

Image2If you are building a new home, we can do a pre-construction site analysis to help limit tree damage. If you have built a house in the last ten years and you are seeing tree decline, we can evaluate your trees and make a recommendation to correct problems and prevent further decline.