Bronze Birch Borers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe best way to control this pest and protect your trees is to use a systemic product that protects your trees for 12 months. Turfmaster specializes in analyzing and protecting your trees from this pest. Birch trees should be treated annually to prevent damage.

The Bronze Birch Borer is a member of the beetle family. The borer larvae bore into the inner bark of the birch trees. Adults feed on birch leaves, females deposit eggs singly in bark cracks and crevices. Larvae hatch in ten days and tunnel through the bark into the cambium or growth layer of the birch tree. Birch borers live wherever birch trees grow.
Most larvae hatch during June and July. They remain active throughout the summer and early fall. The larvae over-winter under the bark and then mature to adults leaving a” D” shaped exit hole. Birch borer may have a life cycle every 1 to 2 years depending on climate in the area.

Birch borers start by killing the top of the tree and eventually will kill the entire tree. Borers tunnel in the wood and weaken the structural integrity of the tree causing branches to be more prone to storm damage (wind & snow). Damage from borers may not be seen for many years thereby lulling the owner into a false sense of security. All birch are commonly killed or damaged in a neighborhood within a few years once the borers become established in the area.inst borers.