Pest Control

Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care can provide perimeter pest control, (for most homes $60.00 per application). Spring and fall are excellent times to begin a spider control program as this is when hobo spiders tend to enter your home. A perimeter pest control program can help control other insects such as ants and mites. We can also spray those wasp nests. Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care recommends three treatments per year to guarantee pest control. We also provide sticky spider traps to monitor the types and number of spiders and other insects that are making their way into your home.

Deer Repellent

deerdamageDeer Repellent can last up to 4 months. To deter damage, we recommend that deer repellent is sprayed out in the spring and fall. This product is sprayed on your trees and shrubs.

Systemic Rodent and Deer Repellent for Trees and Shrubs

Systemic Rodent and Deer Repellent is a 100% organic product that can last up to 6 months. To deter damage during the winter we recommend that deer and rodent repellent is applied spring and fall. This product is applied by placing tablets around trees and shrubs below the surface of the ground. It also stops root feeding, by rodents. Root feeding can kill your plants. This product is also appropriate for flower and shrub beds to protect you’re your perennials and ornamental grasses.