Lawn Applications

Premium Lawn Applications

Lawns-Maintenance_040Premium Lawn Applications include weed control and fertilizer. We use the highest quality, controlled– release nutrients in a program formulated for our area. This program strengthens root growth, thickens lawn density and provides dark green color. The controlled-release program provides your lawn with nutrients over an extended period of time. We recommend at least four premium lawn applications per year to guarantee weed control.

Premium Plus Lawn Applications

Premium Plus Lawn Applications use the same quality fertilizers and weed control as in the Premium program. The plus is added insect control for your lawn to prevent insect damage from sod webworms and other problem insects in our area. Insect control products should be applied a minimum of twice per season, along with an added premium application to complete the program for guaranteed weed control.

Pre-emergent Lawn Applications

PoaTrivialisPre-emergent Lawn Applications include fertilizer with weed control products that prevent grassy and broadleaf weeds from appearing in your lawn. Turfmaster recommends a pre-emergent lawn application for lawns that have deer visiting the yard. Deer bring unwanted weed seeds in their droppings that are best controlled with a pre-emergent product. The number one problem in our area is Poa, an apple-green colored grass that is easy to spot in your lawn. It can also be slow to green up in the spring or it can go dormant in hot weather or after a fall frost, leaving brown spots in the lawn.

Moss Control

Moss12Moss Control in lawns is typically accomplished with a high iron fertilizer and a moss removing product. If mosses are present, conditions to grow grass are not favorable such as, the area is too shady, soil is acidic, has poor drainage, compacted soil, excessive irrigation, low soil fertility, or a combination of these conditions. A Spring & Fall application should be applied to prevent the spread and keep moss out of the lawn. Aeration is also recommended if moss is present.

Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers are naturally slow-release and will not over stimulate excessive top growth or leach out of the soil.

An organic fertilizer program is beneficial to both soil and plant health. The added microbes can aid in thatch reduction and help in disease suppression. The added organic matter can reduce compaction and help balance soil Ph.